Anatomy of a Librarian [infographic]

Librarians are a great resource, and college students should use them when trying to do research. They clearly have mad skills in their ability to simultaneously use their left and right brains. When writing a paper, I find the hardest part is locating quality sources outside of just googling something. If you have a librarian help you locate appropriate sources, chances are your paper is going to be pretty good.

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Managers have traditionally devoted most of their time to the management of money, materials, machines and men, information coming a very poor last, if at all, as Kotler said in 1984 (187). Information in the 21st century is now recognized as commodity to be valued in all spheres. Are we then looking at a world in which the librarian and information professional can at last truly play an influential part? What is the role of the librarian in a free society? How powerful and influential could the person be who has control of society’s knowledge (Elliot de Saez, 1993, 3)? In all spheres, information professionals and librarians can be key players. But it will be their ability to market themselves that will make the difference.
De Saez, E. (2002). Marketing concepts for libraries and information services. London : Facet Publishing.